24hr Electric Furnace Maintenance Langley

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Electric heating systems are clean and do not emit any fumes. The cost of an electric furnace is lower than a gas furnace. Minimal installation costs and easily adaptable to existing ductwork. Let us at 24hr electric furnace maintenance Langley inspect your system.Higher quality furnaces use a Variable speed ECM fans to add to the electrical efficiency of the furnace by using up to 70% less electricity than typical motors.

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24HR Electric Frunace Maintenance In Langley

Quieter than gas or oil furnaces due to the absence of a forced ventilation system. They can be installed almost everywhere, in a basement, closet, crawl space or any unused space. Electric furnaces should be cleaned before the start of each heating season. Dirt and dust are the worst enemies of your furnace. Our company is able to explain the differences in various furnace types so you can make the right decision on which system to buy.

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