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There are many different kinds of furnaces, the most common types that they sell are the gas, oil, and electric furnaces. Nowadays, people turn to either propane gas furnaces or oil furnaces for the heating needs in their houses and establishments, the gas being the more popular. When buying a furnace, a homeowner must be able to determine the fuel type that will power the furnace that they will buy, and there is much to consider. First, a person must consider the cost of the fuel, with both gas and oil being cheaper than electricity. In this case, an oil or gas fueled furnace is better than buying an electric furnace especially if a person wants to be more practical and economic. Between propane gas furnaces and oil furnaces, it is known that propane gas heats up swiftly; it is also accepted that this is friendlier to the environment compared to oil. Moreover, propane does not create a significant amount of carbon dioxide when burned; thus, it does not worsen global warming.

  • Many types to choose from
  • New product more efficient
  • What is better Gas or Oil?
  • In some areas Electricity is more practical

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On the other hand, oil burns hotter than gas; so it heats up quickly. It is also utilized ever more slowly compared to gas. Consequently, oil is known to be safer for it's in no way combustible in the air and does not produce fumes of carbon monoxide. There are a lot of furnaces that can be powered by gas or oil fuel sources, and people can opt to choose from the two popular sources of furnace fuel. Ultimately, when it comes to purchasing the furnace that they want, they must decide on the durability, functionality and the cost of the furnace that they will buy.

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Choosing The Best Furnace

Choosing the best furnace for your home is more than just knowing the best or the cheapest furnace prices in the market today. There are still other things to consider like the type of fuel that you intend to use, the size and the efficiency of the furnace. To know more about them, read on. Choose the type of fuel that you intend to burn in the furnace. Most people prefer the use of natural gas as fuel because it saves money. Some who are living near the woods or forests prefer wood-burning furnaces. Yet there are others who utilize geothermal energy to get the best out of furnaces. If you are still undecided, simply remember that when choosing the type of fuel to burn in your furnace, you have to consider not only the cos tof the fuel but your location as well. Choose the most suitable size for your home. Installing over sized furnaces will not make your home warmer. It willonly waste energy and cost you more money. So it is always necessary for you to consult your heating, ventilating and air conditioning contractor and obtain estimates of the actual size of furnace that you need. Even when replacing your furnace, consultation and estimation are also necessary. Choose the most efficient option.

  • Many different models to choose from
  • New high efficiency furnaces available
  • Check for size and space 
  • Get the right size for your home

Choosing The Best Furnace Near You

For most homeowners, it is always difficult to decide on the most efficient option especially when installing a new furnace. It is indeed necessary to consider the furnace price when deciding but there are still other factors that you may include the model of the furnace, the brand, the fuel, the maintenance and operation costs and a lot more. If you are unsure of the other factors, do your research before talking to your contractor. You may ask friends or relatives who have already experienced installing their own furnaces at home or you may consult expert guides in various resources including the internet. The best way to identify the most efficient option is by listing all your options and rating them based on their advantages or disadvantages. Just do not forget that the best options would always provide you an efficiency rate of 80% even at low costs.

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A gas furnace is the heating component in many homes in the lower mainland. It converts gas to heat. The main components to a furnace include burners and heat exchanger, blower and controls. Furnaces range in all sorts of designs, sizes and efficiencies. In fact, some furnaces operate at over 95% efficiency, which means that 95% of the fuel you pay for is actually converted into heat for your home. How It Works - A gas furnace, or forced-air heating system, reacts when the room air temperature drops below your setting on the thermostat. The pilot light or silicone nitride igniter lights the burners inside the combustion chamber.The heat created is then pushed into the heat exchanger, where the air is then heated. This newly heated air moves through the duct work and into the rooms of the house. The combustion gases used to create the heat are vented through a flue in the roof or wall.

  • Gas furnaces are still the most popular
  • Very high efficiency
  • Save money in the long run
  • Make sure you have annual maintenance

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Why you need service - By servicing your furnace you ensure that your furnace is running well and at maximum efficiency. Our expert advise will save you heart ache and money in the long run. Always bear in mind that your furnace burns fossil fuel. The combustion of these fossil fuels often leads to Carbon Monoxide, a deadly by product. At our company we guarantee we can detect this deadly gas with our special instruments to prevent any mishapes. One of the outstanding advantages of having your furnace serviced annually is boosting its efficiency. Having your furnace serviced on a yearly basis is the best way to have preventative maintenance done. New Furnance - We believe in keeping things simple, and here are a few questions that will let you know if you should get a new furnace or keep the old one. Is it over 20 years old, do you see rust, has the carbon monoxide detector gone off. If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you should be getting your furnace replaced. You can book an appointment with us to today, we would be happy to send our techs to better help you with all your furnace issues.

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Furnace Repair Surrey

You Need Fast and Efficient Servicing Right Away -

If your furnace is broken and you need fast and efficient servicing right away – don’t panic. The most reputable and established furnace repair company in Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland is just one phone call away. Our company offers quick response time and 24/7 service to get your furnace upand running as soon as possible, so your family can be comfortable with heat inyour home when they need it. Great service is a must - With our highly-trained technicians and service trucks – each carrying commonly required repair parts – we can often do same-day repairs for your heating system with only one service call charge. This allows us to make furnace and heater repairs quickly while saving you both time and money!

Why do Furnaces break Down -

Should your furnace require a part that isn’t regularly stocked on our service trucks, our parts representative will be able to put a rush on your special part after quoting you a price. All our professional technicians are government certified to handle any problem that may arise and keep your furnace up to the safety standards that are required at present day. 
There are a number of reasons why furnaces break down. One common culprit is an excessive buildup of dirt and dust on the filter, which can cause overheating and damage to many components. Other furnaces experience malfunctioning parts (e.g. pilot lights, thermo couples, flame sensor rods etc.). Whatever the reason, our experienced technicians can diagnose and solve the issue effectively, usually without requiring multiple visits to your home and/or replacing unnecessary parts.

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