Downspout Drain Cleaning

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One of the most tedious outdoor plumbing tasks that people neglect is downspout drain cleaning. During the summer and fall, leaves and sticks build up in your gutters. Many homeowners need to ask themselves, are your outside drains clear of debris sticks, leaves or sludge? When it rains or snow melts, this debris is washed into your downspouts and can cause major clogging, as well as ice dams on your roof and massive icicle formations. It's important to ensure your downspout is clear and functioning so it can prevent your home from flooding by directing water away from your basement and main floor.

  • Don't for get to check your downpouts
  • Regular maintenance is a must
  • Clear everything away before the rainy season
  • Avoid unnecessary floods and build ups

Downspout Drain Cleaning Is Necessary

A great way to prevent your home from flooding is to check your downspouts and gutters on a monthly basis and after windy days. Get on a secure ladder and remove any sticks, leaves or other debris that fell into your gutters. It's also important to check downspout drains, as they can easily become clogged during rainstorms. If you're having trouble removing gunk and buildup by hand, grab a high-power garden hose sprayer or a hand-held plumbing snake. You may be tempted to use a power garden-snake, but avoid these ifyou have plastic gutters or a plastic downspout, as they can actually puncture the delicate material. If you are not comfortable with heights, or find that your downspout issues are more serious than you originally thought, consider calling us. We offer many outdoor plumbing services, including help with downspouts, that assure your home is protected against flooding. Our technicians are knowledgeable and timely, and they're available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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