Drain Cleaning & Sump Pumps

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A Risk to your House Foundation or Basement

These types of pumps can be very helpful and very necessary if your home is in an area that has run off surface water and may be a risk to your house foundation or basement. Drain cleaning Sump Pumps are mainly used for pumping out water that has leaked into your basement which can cause damage if not fixed right away.


Some sump pumps will have a battery backup in place so as to avoid situations where the pump will stop working when yu need it most and may cause overflow. These sump pumps are typically ten feet in depth or more; lined with a corrugated metal pipe that contains perforations or drain holes throughout.

There are generally two types of pumps, pedestal or submersible In the case of the pedestal pump, the motor is mounted above the sump – where it is more easily serviced, but is also more conspicuous.

The pump impeller is driven by a long, vertical extension shaft and the impeller is in a scroll housing in the base of the pump. The submersible pump, on the other hand, is entirely mounted inside the sump and is specially sealed to prevent electrical short circuits.

The pedestal pumps tend to last longer as they are not submerged in water while the submersible pumps last less time from being in water and harder to service if the need arises.

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