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Still in Place in a Majority of Older Homes

Here in Canada, many homes have copper pipes. Just a few decades ago, copper piping was ultramodern in terms of plumbing and is still in place in a majority of older homes across the country. If your house is included here, there are a few things you should know and we at drain cleaning & copper piping Vancouver can point out about your copper plumbing system:

1) It’s inexpensive to install

Even with viable alternatives like PVC, copper pipe is still very inexpensive to install and is sometimes used in newer construction projects to keep costs down. Although flexible PEX tubing is available, many contractors and plumbers prefer tried-and-true copper piping.

Another interesting point to note is because copper piping has been used for quite a while the building codes related to its use are detailed and easy to follow.

2) Repairs require skill

Copper piping does require certain skills for installations and repairs, in addition to measuring and cutting, copper pipes must be soldered into place or fused together with one of the modern joining systems that don’t require soldering at all, meaning those working with it should have experience with both ways of plumbing with copper.

As Canadian Home Workshop noted, soldering isn’t a complicated process, but must be done correctly to prevent any leaks. In addition, a heat shield must be used in confined spaces areas for safety, this is especially true with upgrades to existing structures.

3) It could be time to upgrade

If your home was built 50 years ago or longer, it could be time to upgrade your copper piping for something newer.  Copper pipes typically have a lifespan of around 50 years, the copper won’t degrade or break down but sometimes the joints will experience wear due to water hammer activity and other pipe movements.

Replacing all the copper pipes in your home for PVC, PEX or even new copper can turn into quite an extensive task, however, and is best left to the professionals. Our technicians will discuss the best option for you and what best suits your home.

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