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Like all tasks that confront us, there is a right way and a wrong way to clean stopped up drains and sewers, our company cleans drains and sewers properly, using the latest technology available for the job. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week we never charge a service fee and provide quotes at no charge. You know before the job begins what it will cost to have our company provide your Surrey drain cleaning. Many Drain Cleaning companies use a snake, also known as a cable. This method is where a cable is inserted into the plugged pipe and punches a hole in the material plugging the line. This allows the drain to begin working again. But, as a great deal of the debris that caused the stoppage is left after it is pierced it may only drain for a short while before the left behind plug causing debris collects more debris that will again clog the line. A number of drain cleaning companies that use this system have not kept up with advanced technology in the plumbing industry. Its method of clearing drain stoppages is known as Hydro jetting. This process uses pressurized water (3700psi) forced through the drain or sewer to clean it of sand, dirt, roots, soap and other debris that causes clogs - at the same time the high-pressure water cleanses the walls of the pipes.

  • Various methods for cleaning drains
  • Debris can form inside the lines
  • Advanced technology is great
  • Hydro jetting is one method of removing debris

Drain Cleaning Services In Sewer Lines

Symptoms of drain or sewer plugging include...sewer back-up, water will not drain, clogged sink, clog in the toilet, slow drains, and overflowing water. The cause of these symptoms includes one or more of the following conditions...scale build-up, grease build-up, sand and dirt, rocks, tree roots, broken sewer line, sag in the sewer line, and a shifted pipe. Before we begin to clear your blockage by hydro jetting, they visually inspect the interior of the sewer or drain using a color video camera to locate the source and type of blockage. The process is repeated after hydro jetting so that the client sees the results. Most are amazed at the results.

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