Drain Cleaning Sink Machines

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Easily Assessable to Smaller Jobs in Your Home

These are a very lightweight Drain Cleaning Sink Machines, easily assessable to smaller jobs in your home built for cleaning sinks, showers, some drains, and tubs. It has a two-way speed control lever that retracts the cable with a touch of the lever.


This unit has an rpm up to 600 so as to add flexibility for the plumber to handle tough clogs…also has a Two-piece twist lock canister with an interchangeable inner drum – Makes cable change-out simple, easy to match the right cable for the job.

The plumber has full control over the machine and the cable for moving in and out to work on the hair, other clogs that have slowed your drain.

Our technicians have various sizes of units to be able to handle tougher clogs or if the blockage is a stubborn one they may need a larger auger to clean the line further along and sometimes all the way to the street water hook up.

Depending on the plumbers choice he will have various sizes of cables to match your drain pipes and these machines allow for minimal cleanup in the work area.

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