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Those are Rooms That contain Plumbing

When homeowners consider the plumbing in their houses, they most often think about their kitchens and bathrooms. Those are rooms that contain the plumbing we use the most, such as showers, sinks, and dishwashers.

Basements and utility rooms boast some of the most important residential plumbing fixtures, such as water heaters and floor drains. Our Floor drain cleaning service in Vancouver is able to provide any number of basement plumbing services, that give you piece of mind when it comes to not forgetting the uncommon drains that can become clogged and cause major problems in you home.


Your floor drains are no different that your other drains as they have a trap also to make sure any unwanted sewer smells and odors don’t come back up through the drain.

Many floor drains can become clogged with debris, dirt or any number of items and it is very important to make sure there is water in the trap to prevent gaseous odors coming back up the drain. An easy fix is to pour some water into the basement drain every once in a while to keep water in the trap.

Our company cares about your home drains and that they function properly all the time, that is why we encourage our customers to think about a maintenance program to save money over the life of your system.

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