Frozen Pipes Surrey

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Depending on The Weather Conditions

Depending on the weather conditions or where you live, cleaning of frozen pipes can be a very costly problem and may include pipe replacement. Our company can handle any problem you have and we have the equipment with us at all times on the job site.

Any debris that is in the pipes can start to freeze and the frozen parts will expand to actually burst a pipe from the added pressure buildup. These types of situations usually show up in areas where there is no heat to keep them from freezing.

If not cleaned the pipes will crack or burst and even small cracks can allow hundreds of liters of water to escape each day adding major costs to your home or commercial building. Make sure that all pipes that are exposed to  colder temperatures are wrapped with insulation, inside walls or basement areas.

The best way to help prevent frozen pipes and further damage is to drain all lines that you can prior to cold weather, close any outside vents, and if your outside sewer line that connects to the city sewer is not deep enough have it lowered to at least below the frost line. Once again any preventative maintenance goes a long way to saving costs in the long run.

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