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You Need Fast and Efficient Servicing Right Away -

If your furnace is broken and you need fast and efficient servicing right away – don’t panic. The most reputable and established furnace repair company in Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland is just one phone call away. Our company offers quick response time and 24/7 service to get your furnace upand running as soon as possible, so your family can be comfortable with heat inyour home when they need it. Great service is a must - With our highly-trained technicians and service trucks – each carrying commonly required repair parts – we can often do same-day repairs for your heating system with only one service call charge. This allows us to make furnace and heater repairs quickly while saving you both time and money!

Why do Furnaces break Down -

Should your furnace require a part that isn’t regularly stocked on our service trucks, our parts representative will be able to put a rush on your special part after quoting you a price. All our professional technicians are government certified to handle any problem that may arise and keep your furnace up to the safety standards that are required at present day. 
There are a number of reasons why furnaces break down. One common culprit is an excessive buildup of dirt and dust on the filter, which can cause overheating and damage to many components. Other furnaces experience malfunctioning parts (e.g. pilot lights, thermo couples, flame sensor rods etc.). Whatever the reason, our experienced technicians can diagnose and solve the issue effectively, usually without requiring multiple visits to your home and/or replacing unnecessary parts.

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