Garbage Disposal Installation

garbage disposal

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There's usually Trepidation about Electricity and Water

Replacing a failed garbage disposer can seem daunting. There's the usual trepidation about electricity and water, the unfamiliar sink connection, and enough drain fittings to make leaks a real possibility. Then there are the hassles of comparison shopping and the suspicion that the job could run into real money. And finally, failed disposers don't often leak, at least not in the beginning, so it's easy to put things off. Our company has plumbers that are qualified and trained to do a garbage disposal installation in your home easily and efficiently, so if your old garburator is leaking or not working and needs replacement then let us handle the task for you. The list of things a food disposer can consume is fairly short. Soft or crisp foods are fine, but hard or stringy foods can be trouble. Disposers can be stopped in their tracks by celery, eggshells, and apple seeds, as well as the usual kitchen flotsam, including pop-tabs, scouring pads and twist-ties.

Garbage Disposal In Surrey

Disposers fasten to the sink drain fittings in a number of ways--some use threaded plastic nuts, others large hose clamps--but the mounting-ring assembly shown here is the most common. To remove the disposer, support it from below and rotate the large, 3-tab mounting ring at the top counter clockwise until the unit falls away. Remove the remainder of the drain assembly by loosening the three bolts and prying off the retaining ring. Push the drain out through the sink hole and clear away any old caulk or putty. Most new garbage disposals come with replacement parts and it is a good idea to hook up the electrical connections before you mount the new unit. New disposers come with a dishwasher discharge nipple in place, but the nipple comes plugged in case you don't have a dishwasher. If you intend to use the dishwasher fitting, poke the plug out with a screwdriver and reach into the disposer to retrieve it. Lift the disposer up to the sink drain and engage the tabs of the mounting ring. When you have the ring started, slip a screwdriver into one of the tab slots and rotate the ring clockwise until it bottoms out.If you have difficulty getting the job done be sure to give us a call so we can take the worry out of your hands and rest assured we will a great job for you..

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