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If you're wondering what to consider when shopping for a new water heater, do you need a new heating system, there's more than just brand and price-- you have to decide among gas, electric and gas condensing,and choose the most energy efficient. According to Consumer Reports, a gas water heater is estimated to cost a homeowner about half the cost of an electric hot water heater (WH). You're probably wondering about the price difference. Although a gas WH is a bit pricier, it is a worthwhile investment. This extra cost will be paid off in at least a year! A tankless hot WH is another option some homeowners consider for its energy savings. It only heats water that gets used. But, according to Consumer Reports, these heaters are not as cost effective. Each household utilizes different amounts of water throughout the day, which is why there are different sizes. How much water do you use? Here are some factors to help with the computing.

  • Hot water is very necessary in any household
  • Getting water heated fast is a must
  • Many kinds to choose from
  • Check to see how much capacity you need

Hot Water Heater Installation In Surrey BC

The Gas Condensing Water Heater (GCWH) works the same as a gas water heater by heating water with a gas burner. However, the GCWH is more efficient because its combustion gases heat the water inside the tank surpassing the abilities of other heaters. ENERGY STAR compares a GCWH to a water tank sitting on top of a gas fireplace with its chimney traveling directly through the middle. This chimney has been designed to have a large surface area so that it takes the combustion gases a long amount of time to travel and heat. By purchasing an energy saving certified GCWH you will be initiating a savings of about $100 a year and nearly $1,000 over the GCWHs lifetime! Think to abut this: the more you use, the more you save. So, big families have even more savings in store for them! ENERGY STAR says these savings can pay for your shampoo and dishwashing soap throughout the year! That's a lot! You can expect to cut your CT water heating expenses by almost a third! According to ENERGY STAR, if even five percent of gas water heaters were ENERGY STAR certified, the U.S. would save $25 million and 17.2 terms of energy each year. You could remove 17,000 cars from the road with that kind of savings! Dishwasher: 10 gallons10-Minute Shower: 20 gallons

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