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Hybrid Hot Water Heaters....The word "hybrid" is one that couldcertainly use some shedding of light. In the world of hot waterheaters, there are two very different meanings of the hybrid term. Meaning #1: Something that is powered by more than one source of power(such as a Hybrid automobile - electric & gas). New technologies gives homewoners options that were not available before with significant cost savings. Meaning #2: An idea combining two dissimilar philosophies (for example,a concept may be a hybrid of the academic and business worlds). Hybrid Electric/Heat-pump, Hot Water Heaters, Hybrids utilizingmeaning #1, are the electric/heat-pump hot water heaters. The electric portion is your standard electric hot water heater technology where hot water is heated by standard electric heating elements. The heat-pump technology is much more interesting. A heat-pump works like a refrigerator in reverse, pumping the heat from the surrounding air into an evaporator coil at the top of the unit and exhausting cooler air back into the room. Refrigerant is pumped through a compressor further increasing the temperature derived from the intake of warm air. As this is happening, cool water from the bottom of the storage tank is pumped up through the condenser coil where the heat from the coil is transferred into the water and the warmer water is returned back into the tank.

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  • Hybrid hot water heaters gives owners options
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Hybrid Hot Water Heaters Available Now

This action goes on continually, gradually heating the water without gas and without energy-hogging electric heating elements. There is power to the pump and to a couple of small fans and that's about it. As long as the ambient temperature in the room stays above 45 degrees fahrenheit, the unit can continue heating water utilizing the surround air. If the room temperature drops below 45F, then the electric elements automatically kick in and take over the job reducing the efficiency back to that of an ordinary electric hot water heater. Probably the only negative (if there is one) is that to properly operate, these heaters need to be in a room that holds 1000 cubit feet of air. That's a room 10'x10'x10' or 12'x10'x8' - bigger than your average closet. Rheem Hybrid Heat Pump HP-50, our favorite electric/heat-pump hybrids are the Rheem Heat Pump HP50, and the GE GeoSpring Hybrid Hot Water Heater. Both units have an amazing energy factor rating of 2.0 or higher when in energy saver mode, and both units are relatively easy to maintain. With the mild temperatures we get here on the west coast, it's very possible that you could go all year long without the temperature in your garage dropping below the 45F point. Even if there is such a drop in temperature, rarely does the cold weather last for more than a couple of weeks, and you'd be back in high-efficiency mode before you know it. Get a price quote (or questions answered) for a hybrid electric hot water tank.

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