no dig water line replacement Surrey BC

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The no dig replacement method uses the latest technologies to replace or repair lines without the need to dig up your entire backyard looking like a major construction site. There are various types including pipe pull method, or relining the old pipe with a new cured in place pipe CIPP. Let our company at no dig water line replacement surrey bc handle all your repairs today.

  • Low costs replacing line
  • Very minimal invasion of yard
  • Long lasting effects
  • Fast & Gauranteed work

No Dig Water Line Replacement In Surrey BC

The pipe we use is installed using our aptly named Pipe Pull™ technique. This technique installs the new pipe by using the old pipe as a guide, and only requires a small hole to be dug at the beginning and the end of the water line. If your water line is located underneath your home or lawn and was damaged by repeated freezing or thawing, this option could be perfect for your needs. Even if your water line is in excellent condition, but you need a larger water line to accommodate the needs of your home, our experts can work with you to accomplish that.

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