Plumbing Building Traps

s-bend type

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Prevents Gasses in the Sewer From Re-entering the Home

Surrey residents are well aware of the term plumbing building traps from many years ago. The sewer trap, also known as building trap or main sanitary trap, prevents gasses in the sewer from re-entering the home through the main drain.

This technology has been made redundant with the introduction of an independent trap for every fixture in modern homes, but many older homes built before the 1960s still sport such traps.

The water in the U-bend traps the odorous gasses from the sewer and does not permit their entry back into the home. It works in a fashion similar to the S-bend under the kitchen.


Our company while investigating drain cleaning and building trap possible obstructions, will discuss some of the warning signs with the homeowner. One of the most common signs is a foul smell coming from a basement or bathroom and or a backup of sewer in various places.

Many blockages are attributed to building traps and if they are not cleaned they can cause many more problems in your home as they become fully blocked and thus you may need to replace them completely. Some require much work while other blockages caught in time can be cleaned thoroughly throughout the whole sewer line.

We often recommend some type of maintenance program for many homeowners to avoid any such problems as this will also save you the homeowner higher costs if the trap deteriorates to the level of replacement.

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