Preventing Drain Clogs/Tips for Homeowners

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Preventing Drain clogs andTips for Homeowners, as you know, most drain clogs are preventable and build slowly over time. Follow these guidelines and you’ll get the best possible use out of your home’s plumbing. Avoid putting any oils down the drain after cooking, this includes liquid oils like olive or corn oil, as well as the fats that are solid at room temperature like butter or bacon grease. Wipe dishes down over your compost or garbage bin before washing, as this will prevent small scraps and food residue from going down the drain and possibly contributing to build up that can become a clog.

  • Many things can clog your drains
  • Be careful what you put in drains
  • Have drains cleaned regularly
  • Garburators can encourage food clogs 

Preventing Drain Clogs With Tips For Homeowners

Use a hair trap in your shower or bathtub, it’s not just for people with long hair, any hair can become trapped and provide a foothold for soap scum and other residue to start building up. Some people mistakenly think that hair traps cause slow drains because they reduce the opening for water to flow through, and do their job of catching hair. To maximize water flow with a hair trap, simply clean it out after every bath or shower, and keep in mind that hair traps will prevent a lot of headaches in the future. Don’t install a garburator, they encourage the disposal of food scraps in the drain, and can encourage clogs. Minor problems can become larger problems if they are not caught in time. For example, multiple clogpoints can develop and create long clogs, we’ve seen drain clogs up to 4 feet long.

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