Preventing Toilet Clogs in Surrey

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Toilet clogs are usually caused by flushing inappropriate items, be careful what you put in the toilet, some of these include Flushable Wipes, Personal, and baby wipes, that are supposed to be flushable in a perfect world, but if your pipes are older, on a less than ideal gradient, orless than perfectly installed, they can cause problems.This is because they can take a long time to break down and we’vefound wipes that are months or even years old in pipes, Feminine hygiene products, these being our #1 cause of toilet clogs.Thick toilet paper is another, as toilet paper is usually designed to disintegrate on contact with water, but some “luxury” brands take longer to fall apart, or don’t fall apart all, so try to avoid these brands. Facial tissues, these are designed for runny noses, not flushing and Paper towels, these never belong in the toilet.

Flushable cat litter, while we haven’t seen a lot of problems withflushable cat litter made from corn husks or sawdust, we don’t recommendit because it can increase the amount of debris going down the drain.Less is better, being careful with what gets flushed can save you a lotof stress.

  • Many products can cause a clog
  • Various products should not be put in toilets
  • The least suspected items can cause a clog
  • Pipes gete blocked with a buildup of debris

Preventing Toilet Clogs In Surrey Areas

These factors can help make clogs more likely to happen, such as older pipes which are more prone to clog for a number of reasons. The interior surface of the pipe can corrode and become less smooth, and in rural areas drain clogs are more likely to happen. Naturally occurring minerals in hard water, usually calcium, can coat the inner walls of pipes, reducing their diameter and creating edges and pits that can trap debris. A water softening system can help prevent this. We’re seeing drain clog issues more and more these days for a number of reasons, one is less natural bacteria is going down the drain. That’s right, some bacteria are good for your plumbing because they feed on the organic residue in your pipes, thereby reducing it. These days, the use of antibacterial hand soaps and gels plus there duction of natural bacteria in our food is allowing more residue to build up. We’re using more grooming products, and we have a great variety of personal care products these days, from face creams to hair treatments.Unfortunately anything thicker than water can contribute to a clog, so try to use it as sparingly as possible, and don’t dispose of the excess down the drain.

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