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Most people associate sewer line repair work with invasive digging and a major mess on their properties. Traditionally, plumbers had to dig to unearth damaged sewer lines. This often meant ruined landscaping and a long, messy repair process. Then plumbing specialists excavated damaged pipelines by tearing up lawns and landscaping in order to fix or replace the problematic piping.

  • Trenchless sewer line repair is a much faster process
  • Trenchless sewer line repair cuts cost
  • It's a less invasive method
  • Trenchless line repair a very effective method of repair
  • Does not interfer with surrounding lawns & yard fixtures

Replacing Sewer Line In Surrey BC

Our high-tech equipment and no-dig techniques allow us to repair damaged water lines / sewer pipes without turning your property into a construction zone. We use equipment that is state of the art in order to protect your lawn and landscaping from intrusion, conducting repairs with only minimal invasion. We encourage you to call your local sewer line repair surrey bc company to discuss this method of sewer line repair.

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