residential sewer line repair Surrey BC

new cleaning techniques

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There are many new technologies being used now that are less invasive and less costly to consider when getting your sewer line repaired these days. Over time, your sewer line can become blocked, broken, deteriorated – or maybe even invaded by roots from the trees above. If you think your main sewer line needs some kind of sewer repair, don’t wait on it. Call us today at residential sewer line repair surrey bc.

  • Faster service repairing issues
  • Video camera check 
  • Various methods of repair available
  • much less invasive for your home

Residencial Sewer Line Repair at Surrey BC

The first step in any sewer repair is an accurate diagnosis. Drain Rescue uses advanced video camera technology that lets us gain a full visual into your sewer line or any other drain line. Our camera inspection service is trenchless sewer repair, in other words, sewer repair without the digging! We’re able to observe areas way too far for the human eyes to see, potentially saving you thousands and dollars and avoiding the need for any excavations of large portions of your yard.

newest repair methods
qualified staff on site