Septic System Maintenance

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A septic tank is an underground wastewater or drainage treatment system. In every house, septic tanks are used to manage and dispose of household wastewater into the main sewage system. A septic system calls for normal upkeep to ensure it runs properly devoid of any kind of troubles. Keeping your tank cleaner and able to last longer, involves timely pumping of these septic tanks. How regularly a septic tank is to be pumped depends on the dimension of the tank. Ideally, a regular septic tank needs to be pumped every 2 years. If it is a 1000 gallon tank, you need to at the very least clean it every 3 years. When you are performing the pumping, the entire content of the tankis emptied out. You have actually to introduce a group of activation bacteria into the septic pipes to ensure they multiply inside the tank.

  • Have the septic tank cleaned regularly
  • Usually once every two - three years
  • Regular upkeep is a must to ensure proper function
  • Introduce friendly bacteria to help the tank
  • Be aware of what waste is going down your drains

Septic System Maintenance Done Regularly

This will help decompose the waste particles in an organic manner. Note... do not introduce any kind of bleach or solid chemicals into the tank since it could kill the bacteria present in it, this would certainly damage the entire septic system. Be cautious of what type of materials you flush down the toilet, certain wastes can cause a blockage in your septic lines. Additionally, do not dispose any kind of plastic waste into your drains, this would certainly again create a major blockage as they are considered as non degradable substances. Disposing plastic into the sewage is harmfulto the environment as they block the natural cycle of water. Every septic tank has an amount and proper quantity of wastewater, you need to make certain that the wastewater doesn't exceed this specified limit. Modern toilets are fashioned to use much less water, especially while flushing. Call us today for a consultation....