Solar Water Heaters Surrey

sunlight heating

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Solar Water Heaters surrey fall under the renewable energy resource category. By utilizing the sun’s energy to heat water, Solar Water Heaters will pre-heat water in a solar collector before either transferring it by line pressure to a conventional storage tank or transferring it from the collector to an indirect storage tank. There’s a common misconception that Surrey, BC and the surrounding cities don’t receive enough sunlight to warrant installing a solar heating unit, when in fact that’s not true. Solar water heaters don’t require warm sunny days to get their energy from, even an overcast day in the fall or winter provides enough sunlight for the solar cells to collect the sun’s energy and heat your bathroom, washing or kitchen water needs.

  • Solar power is a newer way to heat water
  • It can be stored for later use
  • It doesn't have to be a sunny day to collect energy
  • Great savings to the homeowner

Solar Water Heaters In Surrey

If the idea of saving yourself thousands of dollars in energy savings isn’t enough of a reason for you to install a solar water heater, consider the positive environmental aspects. You will be reducing your home’s energy consumption and making a difference towards a cleaner future! Solar energy is the energy of the new future of renewable options and will be more prevellant as time goes on. Give us a call today and make a difference...

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