Sump Pump Service Surrey

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Sump pump service is generally used to remove access water from a home basement. In the event of flooding, or if you live in an area with high water tables, it would be a necessity. Sump pumps can be invaluable when considering the damage that can be caused by flooding. These pumps workby suctioning water from a hole, or sump pit, usually located in the basement of a home.They're usually wired directly into the home's main electrical wiring. But it is very important to have backup power for your pump, in the event of storms or a power outage it could be devastating to have your pump fail. The system backup usually comes in battery form, similar to a car battery. There are two main types of pumps available. The first would be a submersible pump which can be placed directly into the sump pit. The advantage of this type of sump pump is that it can be strategically hidden in a finished basement and takes up less room. Here's how these pumps work. When the basement begins to flood the sump pit will fill with water.

  • Helps with flood areas
  • Saves more severe damage 
  • Have electrical backup in case of power outage
  • Pumps are located in a hole

Sump Pump Service In Surrey

The sump pump which is sitting at the bottom of the sump pump has a sensor attached. Once the water reaches the top of the pump it automatically turns on and begins suctioning water through the pump and into a pipe. The pipe usually leads to the septic system or sewer system. It is not recommended that it goes to the sewer system as this can cause sewer backup if it's overloaded. The second type of sump pump is called a pedestal pump. This would be the cheaper of the two. This type sits on top of a small pedestal above the pump. There is a pipe attached to the bottom of the pump that goes into the bottom of the pit. This pump works by also having a sensor that when triggered turns the pump on. The water will be suctioned up into this pipe and through the sump pump and out an additional pipe that also leads to either the sewer system or the septic system. Be sure to read the directions when purchasing a pump to ensure proper installation. They occasionally require maintenance so it's important to understand how your sump pump should work and how to test that it's functioning correctly.

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