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Often Caused by the Presence of Foreign Objects

Although it is popular lore that drain blockage is often caused by the presence of foreign objects such as paper towels, straws, mop strings, toys, and utensils, there’s more to it. Tree roots can actually penetrate the drainage pipes and block them completely.

Part of the drainage pipe is situated on a parking lot or even a single a parking spot, then the pressure of a parked heavy vehicle might damage the pipe over time. Nevertheless, that happens only if the pipe was installed improperly and the parking spot is situated above the weak spot of the drainage line.

Some types of soft soil experience a constant, progressive subsidence. If the drainage pipeline was installed on such grounds and lacks of the appropriate support, it will sag over time.

There’s a solution for each of the mentioned situations. Our team of specialized professionals will perform the required fixes in order to guarantee you a long-lasting solution. Having your drain blocked is a stress, and our mission is to help you to minimize it.

We Know How to Avoid Side Effects

Our team of skilled technicians knows all the nuances of drain repair. Drain cleaning and repair is a sophisticated process that requires skill and experience.

There are many chemicals on the market that claim to unblock drain pipes. Although most of them do work, the usage of improper chemicals might lead to severe side effects. Our professional technicians know which pipe cleaning chemicals are suitable for your drain system and which ones might damage it. We will inspect the materials and structure of your system in order to determine the best treatment procedure.

Water jetting is often used to unblock drains, but if the pipes are made of pitch fiber, water jetting might lead to a partial or total collapse of the whole system!

When it comes to drain pipe replacement, there are several standards that should be followed. Only a properly installed drain will last for years. We are committed to following each and every of those guidelines in order to provide you with long lasting results.

What Services Do We Provide?
Some of the main services we provide are:

1. Shower drain and floor drain repair

2. Removal of blockages in floor drains, sink drain, toilet or sewer pipe.

3. High-pressure water jetting.

4. Sewer drain pipe repair and replacement.

5. Storm drain maintenance.

6. Lateral line and catch basin cleaning.

What Are the Symptoms of a Drain That’s About to Collapse?

A collapsed drain will usually cause a flood in your house. It’s always good to prevent such an unpleasant event. Over the years, we’ve deduced five symptoms of a drain that is about to collapse. If you notice any of these in your house, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will solve the problem before it becomes a real issue. The symptoms are:

1. Regular sanitary sewage back-ups and blockages.

2. Unpleasant sewer gas odor inside or outside the building.

3. Wall and foundation problems, such as mold growth, cracks, settlement and sinkholes.

4. Insect and rodent problems – those can migrate from the main city sewer to your home through cracks in your drain pipeline.

5. Slow drain in sinks and bathtubs.

If you’re looking for reliable Vancouver drain repair services, our team of specialists is here to assist you. Contact us today and we will provide you with the top-quality solutions you deserve.

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