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Slow Draining Water and Leaks

Clogged garbage disposals, slow draining water, and leaks, to unusual noises and odors, is a sure sign that you should call surrey garburator repairs for a quick check to see if you need possible repairs on your unit.

Some people think they can fix their garburator themselves but we don’t suggest this as there is always the possibility of injury to themselves, why not leave the work to us we are the professionals who are experienced in many different types of situations.

Signs of Needed Repair –

Some of the most common sign that your garburator may need repairs is loud noises, sluggish draining, strong foul smell, or if you know that there is a jam or clog in the disposal.

Leaky garbage disposal units can be more than an inconvenience, they provide a fertile feeding ground for mold, mildew, and bacteria. Even a minor leak can put your family’s health at risk and further costs associated with your garburator.

Sometimes after discussion with the plumber technicians you may come to the conclusion that rather than repairing the old disposal it’s better to replace it for a brand new garburator that has higher efficiency, and is quieter while working.

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