Surrey Water Pressure Problems

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Both Can Be A Cause of Water Pipe Damage

Having water pressure problems? These can be caused by low and high pressure in your water lines. Both can be a cause of water pipe damage, water wastage and water leaks which all can result in expensive damage to your home, commercial building or strata building. We can assist you with your Vancouver water pressure problems anytime you call.

City Delivery of Water

The water provided by your city through their water line pipes is delivered to your home or building at a higher water pressure than what you require inside your home or building. The high pressure served by the city is reduced before entering your home with a water pressure regulator.

During high demand, the city can only keep up the delivery of water to you as best it can. A high demand for water in your area can be a cause of low water pressure within your home or business.

On your property, low water pressure can be caused by a problem with the water line between the city connection and the water line on your property delivering water to your system.

Water Pressure Within Your Home or Building

Within your home or building the water travels through various piping and devices to reach its destination like your faucet or shower head. Any leaks, failed connections or faulty devices and water lines along the water’s path can cause low water pressure.

Any sudden stopping of water through a disaster, city work or work you are having done then sudden turning on of the water can cause a surge of water pressure and make leaks, failure of valves and devices to show up.

Many symptoms of low water pressure are slow water from the shower head or tub, from your sinks and other faucets throughout your home. Also, you may start to see upon investigating that there are visible leaks showing up which is a direct link to low water pressure.

Sometimes our plumbers will discover leakage from the city water line where it connects to your home and this can have a huge effect on your water pressure in your home.

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