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Various types of Trenchless procedures are used more and more each day!

Trenchless Technology is a type of subsurface construction work that requires few trenches or no continuous trenches. It is a rapidly growing sector of the constuction and civil engineering sector. This may involve tunnelling, HDD directional drilling, cured in place piping etc.

  • Drilling and Boring 
  • Pipe Bursting
  • Horizontal Drilling
  • Curred in place Pipe Lining


Trenchless Contractors Surrey BC encompass various types of Trenchless Repairs....

Trenchless rehabilitation methods are generally more cost-effective than traditional exhume (dig) and replace methods. The impact that the use of trenchless methods has on communities, the economy and quality of life is immense and will only continue to grow as municipalities and utilities realize and understand their benefits vs. traditional methods.

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