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In the not so distant past, a broken sewer or main drain line would mean a large piece of equipment would have to be brought in to dig up the old line so a new one could be put in its place. If there were not enough room for a mechanical digger, a trench would need to be dug by hand. A drain line replacement was a costly, messy, time-consuming affair then.

Today, however, it is much simpler with less digging required. In many situations we can perform a trenchless drain line replacement.

  • We do a video scope first to identify issues
  • Take time to plan proper replacement
  • No damage to surrounding areas
  • Save time and Money using this method
  • Only two small holes are dug a each end

Trenchless Excavation In Surrey BC

The new technology that we use today save time and money during the fixing of an existing line or adding a new line to your system. Let us give you a quote today and have your homes lines up and performing as they should. We gaurantee our work and our plumbers are very friendly and will discuss all the plan with you inadvance of starting the job.

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