Underground Pipe Location

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Pinpoints the Exact Location of Drain Lines and Existing Breaks

Pipe detection quickly pinpoints the exact location of drain lines and existing breaks with the use of a transmitter. It eliminates guesswork and reduces the need to excavate unnecessary areas. It will accurately lead the Technician to the right pipe or give him the ability to locate pipes that are underground.

What Type Of Lines Can Be Detected?
The pipe detection system can be used to locate all types of lines: cast iron, plastic, concrete, vitrified clay, etc. It also locates water lines, electrical lines, telephone lines and other metallic cables when they are energized. The detector operates in three modes. The search mode uses gauges and audio signals to guide the Technician to the target area quickly and easily over long distances. The map mode locates the transmitter with pinpoint accuracy and maps the direction of the pipes. The trace mode locates energized lines and power lines.

How Does Pipe Detection Work?
A transmitter is attached to the end of a video camera cable. The cable, with the transmitter attached, is inserted into the drain or sewer line. A technician receives the transmitter’s signal above ground on a digital receiver. By reading the signal the technician can tell where the radio signal is coming from, and how deep it is.

How Does the Pipe Detector Find A Break In The Line?

After confirming that a drain line cannot be cleared by conventional drain cleaning methods, a transmitter is sent down the line on the end of a cable. When the transmitter reaches the break it cannot be pushed any further down the line. The technician reads the transmitter’s radio signal on a receiver and pinpoints the break. The technician places a paint mark on the ground above the break to identify the location for further repair.

How Does The Pipe Detector Find Hidden Drain Lines?
The transmitter is fed down the sewer or drain line and the technician maps the radio signal location above ground. This is a good way to locate sewer lines if you are installing a new bath or kitchen and want to know where the sewer goes to you can connect the new line to it. Pipe detection accurately pinpoints the location and depth of hard to find drain lines. This eliminates costly mistakes and guesswork. It precisely locates the exact area of broken drain lines. This eliminates disrupting large areas for repair work and reduces time and labor costs by not speculating where the repairs need to be made.

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