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It's Important to Know a Bit About Maintenance

In many homes whether it be a basement or utility room, the area features laundry plumbing and is a likely place to put your water heater as well. With all these pipes and water sources, it's important to know a bit about maintenance. Laundry room plumbing tips....You don't have to be a plumber to know a little about your washing machine. This handy appliance makes our lives much easier, it’s important that we treat it well so it stays in good condition for years to come. An easy way to keep your machine running smoothly is to check its hoses. If you notice signs of wear, consider replacing old rubber hoses with ones made of braided stainless steel. These newer materials will last longer and are much less likely to crack or leak. In order to spot something wrong, keep an eye on your washing machine water line. If you see this line drastically changing you may have a clog or other issue within your washer.

Many Common Problems May Occur

A common problem that occurs with a washer is that the drain line will clog with hair and other debris from the laundry. Make sure you have a strainer on your washing machine hose to keep out these potentially problematic materials. Another clog that may occur is within the pipes as lint and other items can build up over time. Don't wait for a problem to occur to give you stress and discomfort, we can fix and recommend solutions for your appliances for the future.

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